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Question;Question5;Use the attached data;for a project to;Activity;Activity Time (days);Immediate Predecessor;A;4;B;7;A;C;9;B;D;3;B;E;14;D;F;10;C;D;G;11;F;E;a) Draw the network diagram;b) Calculate the slack for each activity and determine the;critical path. How long will the project take?;Consider the following;information for a project to add a drive-thru window at Crestview Bank.;The;following information is available for a project;Activity;Activity Time (days);Immediate Predecessor;A;5;B;2;C;6;D;2;A, B;E;7;B;F;3;D, C;G;9;E, C;H;11;F, G;a);Draw the;network diagram for this project;b);Specify the critical path.;c);Calculate the slack for activities A and D.problem 7Barbara Gordon, the project manager for Web Ventures, Inc.;compiled a table showing time estimates for each of the activities of a project;to upgrade the company?s Web page, including optimistic, most likely, and;pessimistic.;a) Calculate the expected time, te, for each activity.;b) Calculate the variance for each activity.;Activity;Optimistic (days) a;Most Likely (days)m;Pessimistic (days) b;A;3;8;19;B;12;15;18;C;2;6;16;D;4;9;20;E;1;4;7;Problem 8;Recently, you were assigned to manage a project for your;company. You have constructed a network diagram depicting the various;activities in the project (Figure 2.13). In addition, you have asked your team;to estimate the amount of time that they would expect each of the activities to;take. Their responses are shown in the attached file.;Time Estimates;Activity;Optimistic;Most Likely;Pessimistic;A;5;8;11;B;4;8;11;C;5;6;7;D;2;4;6;E;4;7;10;a) What is the expected completion time of the project?;b) What is the probability of completing the project in 21;days?;c) What is the;probability of completing the project in 17 days?;Problem 21;Activity Data for Advertising Project;Time Estimates (weeks);Activity;Optimistic;Most Likely;Pessimistic;Immediate Predecessors;A;8;10;12;START;B;5;8;17;START;C;7;8;9;START;D;1;2;3;B;E;8;10;12;A, C;F;5;6;7;D, E;G;1;3;5;D, E;H;2;5;8;F, G;I;2;4;6;G;J;4;5;8;H;K;2;2;2;H;The;project manager of Good Public Relations gathered the data shown in the;attached file for a new advertising campaign. a) How long is the project likely;to take? b) What is the probability that the project will take more than 38;weeks? c) Consider the path A-E-G-H-J. What is the probability that this path;will exceed 38 weeks?;Problem 22;Consider the office;renovation project data that is provided. A ?zero? time estimate means that the;activity could take a very small amount of time and should be treated as a;numeric zero in the analysis.;a);Based on the;critical path, find the probability of completing the office renovation project;by 39 days? b) Find the date by which you would be 90 percent sure of;completing the project.;Data for Office Renovation Project;Time Estimates (days);Activity;Optimistic;Most Likely;Pessimistic;Immediate Predecessor;START;0;0;0;A;6;10;14;START;B;0;1;2;A;C;16;20;30;A;D;3;5;7;B;E;2;3;4;D;F;7;10;13;C;G;1;2;3;D;H;0;2;4;G;I;2;2;2;C, G;J;2;3;4;I;K;0;1;2;H;L;1;2;3;J, K;FINISH;0;0;0;E, F, L;Problem 23;You;are in charge of a project at the local community center. The center needs to;remodel one of the rooms in time for the start of a new program. Delays in the;project mean that the center must rent other space at a nearby church at;additional cost. Time and cost data for your project are contained in the;attached file. Your interest is in minimizing the cost of the project to the;community center.;a);Using the normal times for each activity, what is the earliest date you can;complete the project? b) Suppose the variable overhead costs are $50 per day;for your project. Also, suppose that the center must pay $40 per day for a;temporary room on day 15 or beyond. Find the minimum-cost project schedule.;Data for Community Center Project;Activity;Normal Time (days);Normal Cost ($);Crash Time (days);Crash Cost ($);Immediate Predecessor;START;0;0;0;0;A;10;50;8;150;START;B;4;40;2;200;START;C;7;70;6;160;B;D;2;20;1;50;A, C;E;3;30;3;30;A, C;F;8;80;5;290;B;G;5;50;4;180;D;H;6;60;3;180;E, F;FINISH;0;0;0;0;G, H;Problem 24;The information provided;is for a large fundraising project.;a) Determine the;critical path and the expected completion time of the project.;b) Plot the total;project cost, starting from day 1 to the expected completion date of the;project, assuming the earliest start times for each activity. Compare that;result to a similar plot for the latest start times. What implication does the;time differential have for cash flows and project scheduling?


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