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maths-You Are A Business Owner [not a bakery]




Question;You Are A Business Owner;[not a bakery];You will use the model below to generate your own linear;programming problem. Formulate your own small business scenarioand insert the;criteria into the ?indicated fields?. Then use the steps outlined below to show;your work and solve the problem.;PROBLEM;Family Foods makes jumbo cookies and regular cookies. The;oven can make at most 200 cookies per day. Each jumbo cookie requires 2 ounces;of flour, and each regular cookie requires 1 ounce of flour. There are 250;ounces of flour available. The income from each jumbo cookie is 11 cents and;fromeach regular cookie is 5 cents. How many of each size cookie should be made;to maximize income?;SOLUTION;Objective function;Constraints;Graph;Vertices;Optimization


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