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Looking for someone to write a 2 page article summary with powerpoint slide, details below.... Article Summary Format- The purpose of this assignment is to increase awareness of problems and issues facing managers and businesses in today's environment. The summary should be at least 2 double-space pages. Paste the summary into a discussion window and attach your PowerPoint slides to the same message thread. You can also attach your summary, too, since sometimes there are formatting issues, but I would like to have the summary pasted into the message window for easy reading. --Introduction (Abstract or Executive Analysis are fine too) --Major Points --Analysis (what was the author attempting to convey, and how well did he/she accomplish this) --Major Course Concepts --Insight Gained --Reference(s) (In APA format) 2 pages (Double Spaced) Written summary should include the following: 1. APA Citation-I have shown how you can access the proper citation in the video overview of the online library posted in the assignment area article assignment folder. 2. State the major points made in the article. 3. What was the author attempting to convey? Provide in your analysis how well the author accomplished his/her goal. 4. What major concepts from this course did this article address? 5. Did the article provide you with additional insight concerning this topic? Explain. 8 PowerPoint slides : 1. The first slide should include APA Citation bibliographical information on the article you chose. 2. The next slides should highlight the major points of the article. 3. The last slide should summarize the main point that you learned from this summary.


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