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Statistics & Probability Practice Problems- Chapter 11




Question;Practice Problems: Chapter 11;1) An automobile company is testing to see if the gender a person is influences whether a person prefers a blue car or a silver car. 1200 randomly chosen women and 1200 randomly chosen men were asked which of the two colors they preferred. The contingency table of the results is below;color of car;gender;blue;silver;total;female;400;800;1200;male;550;650;1200;total;950;1450;2400;A) For this problem, indicate the specific null and alternative hypotheses that will be used with a Chi-Square Test.;B) Calculate the expected counts using the method shown in the example in the online notes (shown on the ?Summary? page). Show all work.;C) Calculate the Chi-Square Statistic value by hand. Show all work.;The required Chi-sqr test statistic is;D) Calculate the p-value of the Chi-Square Statistic using the table in the back of the textbook.;E) Interpret the p-value you found using the wording found on the ?Summary? page of the online notes.;F) What is your conclusion? Reasoning?;G) Calculate the Odds Ratio of females to males (of choosing a silver car). Show all work. (see the example on the ?Summary? page of the online notes)


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