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MATH 133 Unit 3 Individual Project C




Question;MATH133 Unit 3 ?;Individual Project ? C;1) Solve the following;equations algebraically. You must show all your work.;Learn how to type math;roots and fractions by clicking on the link in the;assignment list.;Alternately, you may typecube root(x)as;cuberoot(x) and show;raising to the nth power as ^n;like x3is typed x^3.;a) t^(2/3) = 4;b) 5v(x) + 1;= 3;c) 2/3 = 2 ?;(5x-3)/(x- 1);2) Solve algebraically and check your potential;solutions;a) SQRT(x ? 2) ? x = 0;b) 4 ? x/(x ? 2) = -2/(x ? 2);What potential solution did you;obtain? Explain why this is this not a;solution.;3) The volume of a cube is given by V;= s3, where sis;the length of a side.;Find the length of a side of a;cube(round the answer to three decimal;places) if the volume is;a) 800 cm3.;b) b) 500 cm3;4) The formula to find the wind chill temperature is;given by;W = 33 ? (10.45;+ 10 SQRT(V) ? V)(33 ? T)/22;Where;W is Wind Chill temperature;(temperature with no wind);T is actual temperature in Celcius;V is wind speeds in m/sec;Find the Wind Chill temperature given;the following;a) T = 10 0C, v = 9m/sec;b) T = 0 0C, v = 15m/sec;c) T = -10 0C, v = 20m/sec


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