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Require the real-world problem depicted on a single graph using excel




Question;Require the real-world problem depicted on a single graph using excel. The following must be included:Label each axis of the coordinate plane with descriptive labelsLabel all graphical solution(s) of the system of equations as "solution" and include the ordered pairIn a legend,indicate which cost option corresponds with each lineSave spreadsheet as an *xls, *xlsx or *ods fileA downtown employee is looking for the best option for parking a car during 5 day work week. One parking garage offers unlimited parking at a flat rate of $15.00 per month. Another garage offers hourly parking at $5.00/hr. Which option is best for a monthly basis?Garage A=$150/monthThe student will need 160 hours of parking a month.$5.00x160=$800/month for Garage BA=150B=5xThe two options will break even when 5x=150This occurs when x=150/5, =30If the employee only parked 30 hours a month the two options would be equalA linear equation: a(x)=0x+150B linear equation: b(x)=5x


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