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fisher college ma117 Equation Editor Practice Assignment




Question;Due Sunday by Midnight During Week 1This document needs to be recreated in Word. This will give you much needed practice with the editor. Please follow instructions within the document. You can then save and attach the file here. Remember you are recreating it exactly the way it is. I am not asking you to solve any of the problems.Each problem is worth 2 points each for a total of 24 points.During this course you will have to use the equation editor often. I would like you to familiarize yourselfwith the one in Microsoft Word. You will recreate the following document. Please note I am not askingyou to solve any of these problems just retype them exactly as they are.Anything highlighted in yellow does not have to be recreated. This is due at the end of week 1 bySunday at Midnight.Here are two YouTube Videos you may find useful.Microsoft Word 2007: Word 2010: You must use the appropriate fraction bar.1.) 2.)Exponents: You must be able to use exponents and the ^ key is not acceptable.3.) 4.) 5.)Square Roots / Radicals: You must be able to combine fractions, exponents and use radicals.? 7.)? 8.)?9.)??? 10.)? 11.)???12.)?


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