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Question;Please;show all of the calculations with answer;1.Solve the expression: 5(B ? 4) = 10;2.Solve the following equation for the variable L: p = 2L + 2w;3.Complete the following table for the equation y = x-3;X Y;-1;0;4;4.Find the slope-intercept equation of the line passing through (1,2) with a;slope of m = 3?;5.Draw the graph of the following linear function and give the domain and;range: f(x) = - ?x+5;6.Solve the following equation: | x| = 3;7.Evaluate the following expression when x = 3 and y = 2: 2xy ? x? y;8.Completely factor the following expression: 16x^4 ? 81y^4;9.Perform the following division: (y? + 10y + 21)? (y + 7);10.Solve the inequality below and write the solutions in interval notation: |2m;+ 3| < 13;11.Write the numeral 0.03685 in scientific notation;12. Given f(x) = -6x-1, find f(2);13. Write the equation of the line with a slope of 2 and passing through the;point (-5, 3).;14. Solve the system of equations given;below;X + 3z=12;-x-2y+z=10;3x+5y+2z= -7;15. Do the following lines intersect? Yes;or no, together with the point of intersection, if any exixts.;5x+8y = -5;-x -1.6y = 14;16. Compute the determinant;4;0 -1;3;6 -2;-2;5 1;17. Compute;the distance between the two points (1-?2, -1);and (2+?2, 4);18. Rationalize the denominator of 2?7;X+?7;19. At what x values does the;parabola y= x? - 5x +4 intersect at the y axis?;20. The surface area (A) of a sphere with radius (R) is given by A;= 4?r?. Solve this formula for R.


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