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Question;1. A 6in diameter concrete cylinder is loaded with a compressive force of 113.1 kips (1000#). Determine the stress in the cylinder2. Determine the tensile stress in each segment of the bar shown. Segment AB has a square cross section 2in by 2in. Segment BC has a circular cross section with a diameter of 1.75in. The tensile load P = 75 kips.3. Calculate the stress developed in the following members that are each subjected to an axial tensile load of 70 kN,a. Steel bar ? 25mm by 50mm.b. 150mm diameter wood post.c. 25mm diameter steel tie rod.4. A 32mm diameter bar is cut in a shear press. The force required to shear the bar is P = 300 kN. Determine the ultimate shear strength for this bar.5. The allowable shear stress for a 7/8in diameter rod is 14,500psi. What is the maximum P shear force the rod can withstand?6. Compute the force required to punch a 1in diameter hole through a ? in thick plate. The ultimate shear strength got the material is 42,000 psi.7. Why is strain dimensionless?8. A 100ft long rod is suspended from one end. The diameter of the rod is 1in and the total elongation (deformation) is 0.80in. Calculate the Strain.9. A short compression member with a 2in by 2in cross section and 8 in long is subjected to a 40,000# axial compressive load. As a result, the length of the member is shortened to 7.85in. Compute the strain in the member.10. A steel rod 3/4in diameter and 25ft long is subjected to an axial tensile load of 15,000#. E=30,000,000 psi Compute,a. Stressb. Strainc. Total Elongation11. An aluminum rod 25mm in diameter and 4m long is subjected to an axial tensile load of 65kN. E=70,000 MPa Compute,a. Stressb. Strainc. Total Elongation


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