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uop MAT/116 week 1 assignment




Question;Week;One: Fundamentals of Algebraic Expressions and Equations;Details;Due;Points;Objectives;1.1 Identify variables, coefficients, and constants.;1.2 Simplify algebraic expressions by combining like terms.;1.3 Evaluate expressions.;1.4 Solve problems using order of operations.;1.5 Apply properties of real numbers to algebraic expressions.;1.6 Translate English phrases to algebraic expressions.;Course Preparation;Read the course description and;objectives.;Read the instructor?s biography and;post your own.;Reading;Read Ch. 1, sections 1.1?1.8 of Beginning and Intermediate Algebra.;Reading;Read the Associate Level Material;MyMathLab?Study Plan.;Participation;Participate in class discussion.;Ongoing ? At least six (6) substantive posts in each week of class;in the main forum. The six messages must occur on at least three (3);different days during the online week. Your initial response to discussion;questions count towards your participation grade. Class participation posts require a minimum;of 75 words.;Ongoing;10;Discussion Questions;Respond to weekly discussion;questions.;Discussion Question 1;Discussion Question 2;Discussion question posts require a minimum;of 75 words.;Day 2;Day 4;5;5;Nongraded;Activities and Preparation;Center for Mathematics;Excellence Live Event;Join the Center for Mathematics;Excellence Live Event on Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. Arizona time. The event will;familiarize you with the tools and resources in the Center for Mathematics;Excellence that can be used to be successful in this class.;Click the Center for Mathematics Excellence Live Event link on your;Materials page for information on how to attend this event.;Nongraded Activities and Preparation;Pre-Algebra;Live Labs;Attend Pre-Algebra Live Labs using the directions located on the;Materials page.;The following;Live Labs are available;?;Converting;Decimals, Fractions, and Percentages;?;Variables;and Solving Simple Equations;?;Basics of;Fractions;?;Order of;Operations;Each Live Lab;is 1 hour in duration. Please see the Pre-Algebra Live Labs link on the;Materials page for available times for each lab.;Nongraded Activities and Preparation;MyMathLab?;Orientation;Resource:Associate Level Material;Using MyMathLab?;Complete the MyMathLab?;orientation by clicking the MyMathLab? link on the student website;and selecting MyMathLab?;Orientationunder the Homework and Tests tab.;Nongraded Activities and Preparation;PhoenixConnect;Followthe;Math Help;Community in PhoenixConnect. The focus of the community is to help;students succeed in their math courses. Post questions and receive answers;from other students, faculty, and staff from the Center for Mathematics;Excellence.;Nongraded Activities and Preparation;Live;Math Tutoring;Join a Live Math Tutoring session by clicking the Live Math Tutoringlink under Useful;Links on the Materials tab of the student website.;In the;session, get familiar with the whiteboard environment and the tools used in;the whiteboard. Discuss any questions you may have with a tutor.;Note. Tutors can help students with homework exercises.;Tutors cannot help students with Self-Checks or the Final Examination.;Nongraded Activities and Preparation;Week;One Videos;Watchthis week?s videos located on;your student website.;Individual;MyMathLab?;Exercises;Completethe Week One assignment in;MyMathLab?.;Day 5;30;Individual;Week;One Study Plan;Review;your Study Plan in MyMathLab? after completing the homework;assignment for the week.;Select each topic from Ch. 1;in your study plan that has been highlighted with a pushpin for further review.;?;First, complete somePractice problems until you feel;ready for a quiz.;o Click the green Practicebutton;within Objectives to Practice and Master.;o Complete Practice problems until;you feel ready for a quiz.;o Clickthe Close;button and return to the main page for the Study Plan.;?;When you are ready to prove mastery of a concept, click Quiz Me.;o Click the Quiz Me button;within Objectives to Practice and Master.;o Correctlyanswer3 of the;4 questions to earn the Mastery Point (MP).;Note: If you;do not correctly answer 3 of the 4 questions in the Quiz Me, revisit the;Practice problems for additional practice, and then retake the Quiz Me until;you earn the Mastery Point.;o Once you have earned a;Mastery Point, continue working in the Study Plan until you have earnedall 18 Mastery Pointsfrom Ch. 1.;o The more Mastery Points you;earn, the more complete your knowledge base will be for the course, and the;higher the grade you can expect in the course.;Day 6;10;Individual;Week;One Self-Check;Completethe Week One self-check in;MyMathLab?.;Day 7;20


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