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I am stuck on part be i thought i had it since i d...




I am stuck on part be i thought i had it since i did the first one but the same formula does not work out for the rest. please help. thank you.,i think u made need this info too umbrella number of units 300,000 number of setup 600 pounds of material 1,200,000 number of machine hours 600,000 gazebos number of units 30,000 number of setup 1300 pounds of material 3,000,000 number of machine hours 1,100,000 chaise lounge number of units 90,000 number of setup 1100 pounds of material 1,800,000 number of machine hours 1,300,000 management determined that $12,030000 was factory overhead and the total cost is $18,000,000. let me know if something is not on here that you need.,was wondering when i ca get an explanation for part b. I did the rest of the worksheet just missing part be. Thanks.,i am confused i need help with part b where it says wrong.,why does it still say wrong?


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