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saint leo MAT-131 module 4 project ppt




Question;Complete;Exercise 1 on pages 17-19 inThe Value of Thinking Mathematically.;For;this project, you will create a ?presentation? that should be completed in such;a way that the instructor can ?watch? the presentation independently. That;means you should use a common tool such as those available in Microsoft Office;or one that has a free ?player.?;Please be sure to use examples of the figures that are unique from;your environment, you will not receive credit if the instructor can find any of;your figures posted on the Internet or as clip art, or some other public source;as a common example associated with that shape. ?Making? a shape such as;placing five noodles in the shape of a pentagon is also not appropriate. If you;find an idea online, you may use it if you can find it in ?real life? around;your home and take a personal picture of it to use.;This assignment is due at the conclusion of Module 4. You are;encouraged to begin work on the project during this module.


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