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Question;Week 1 discussion;MyMathLab (graded);You will be making extensive use of MyMathLab (MML);to complete the assignments listed in order on the Course Schedule. The;help resources available inside the Homework questions and the Study Plan;exercises ought to be used in the following order: first Textbook;then Video or Animation (if available), then View an Example;and then Help Me Solve This.;How and;when do you plan to make use of the MML Study Plan?;Please;choose at least one of the other many help features and resources;available in MML (e.g., Help Me Solve This, View an Example, Sample Tests);and explain how you plan to utilize that to help you to;succeed.;Week 2 discussion;Simplification;(graded);We know that when;simplifying, we must follow the algebraic order of operations. The order of;operations is as follows. First, perform any operations containing parentheses.;If the parentheses are ?nested?, work from the inside out. Second, perform any;operations with exponents. Third, perform any operations involving;multiplication and division working from left to right. Finally, work;operations with addition and subtraction again from left to right. For this;thread, set up and solve an equation, or simplify an expression, in which you;need to simplify using the order of operations in at least three of the steps.;Week 3 discussion;Algebra;Concepts (graded);Communication is considered;an important component of mathematics education in order for deep learning to;occur. Choose a specific algebra concept that you think you understand well;and explain it in your own words. Then, present a math problem for your classmates;to solve making use of this concept.;Week 4 discussion;Math Help (graded);Free, live, online tutoring;and more is available from Smarthinking by clicking on ?Tutor Source? under;Course Home. Post your ideas for making good use of Smarthinking to help you;succeed in the course.;Week 5 discussion;Problem Solving (Graded);Solve an application;(?word?) problem from the text, Homework, or Study Plan showing all of your;work. For each step, provide your reasoning. How did you start? What prompted;you to try a particular strategy? Did you try any other strategies that did not;work? How did you check your answer?;Week 6 discussion;Math;Mistakes (Graded);Choose a common mistake, or;a mistake you have made, doing an algebra problem. Show the incorrect method;explain why it does not work, and then show how to do it correctly.;Week 7 discussion;Course Objectives (Graded);Choose a Terminal Course;Objective (TCO) from the Syllabus that you?ve learned in the course and solve a;homework or Study Plan problem that relates to that TCO. Be sure to include the;TCO in your post. 8


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