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Question;ok here is the chart that you have to use can you let me know if you got it correctly. Also to here are the guidelines to follow.;First download the spreadsheet with data related to body fat (in pounds) of Silver Gym members. Then, download the sample of professor's spreadsheet on how to complete the task of the instructor's spreadsheet with similar data and calculated values used. The location of data table inside instructor's spreadsheet is excel. Task list with body fat weight data for Silver Gym create a second spreadsheet within the same excel posting for Phase 4 IP for hypothesis testing. Part 1 will be used for statistical measurements and the second part will be used for calculations of P-value for hypothesis testing.;Part I: Statistical Measurements --- Here is how to obtain the mean or algebraic average of body weight of 252 Silver Gym members. Notice column "A" only shows the members ID numbers and it cannot be used for calculations. Column "B" of data table represents body fat of members in percent while Column "C" of data table represents body weight of members in pounds. Also we notice that both columns B and C data values begin on row 2 and ends on Row 253. Notice that Row 1 is used to show the headings or titles of each column. So for all calculations we need to enter the following Excel format inside the Excel formula window to represent the entire data for body fat and body weight.;Means Values------ 1. Place the cursor in empty cell to the right side of the data table (in similar cell locations shown inside instructors spreadsheet).;2. Open "Formula" tab located at the top of the spreadsheet.;3. Open the tab appearing as more function with orange color background by placing the cursor on this tab by holding down the left click of mouse to open "more function" tab.;4. Open "Statistical " from the list that appears at this time.;5. From the vertical menu that opens at this time (in alphabetical order) select Average tab in order to find the mean or average of the body fat. Open the Average tab.;6. From the window that pops up at this time you will see two small rectangular windows at the top. Select the small window at the top. Place the cursor inside this window and exactly type in: B2:B253.;7.Ignore the second small window, and open "OK" tab.;8. Now, move the cursor to inside spreadsheet inside a remote and blank cell;9. At this time you should be able the calculated value for mean of body fat inside the cell you initially selected.;In order to obtain the calculated value for mean of the body weight follow exactly the steps stated above by typing in the following inside the opened window in step 6;C2:C253;MEDIAN;In order to find the median of the body fat and body weight follow the 9 steps stated above except in step 5 select the following function tab from the appearing vertical menu.;MEDIAN;Once again use B2:B253 for the median of body fat and C2:C253 for median of body weight of the Gym members.;Standard Deviation--- In order to find the standard deviation of the body fat and body weight follow the 9 steps stated above except in Step 5 select the following function tab(not other similar tabs) from the appearing vertical menu;STDEV. S;Once again use B2:B253 for standard deviation of body fat and repeat this process with C2:C253 for standard deviation of body weight of the Gym members.;RANGE;Notice that there is no quick formula available inside Excel statistical function menu for range. Range is the difference between the greatest and smallest value of the data set. Hence we must subtract the smallest value from the largest value in each column B and C of the data table to find the range for body fat and body weight, respectively. The exact formula to be created is shown below.;For range of body weight;MAX(B2:B253);For range of body weight;MAX (C2:C253) - MIN (C2:C253);Notice in case you type in these formulas inside the function window at the top you might receive an error message inside the selected cell location. In order to avoid this issue I suggest you follow these simple guidelines;1. For the range of body fat locate the cursor on an empty cell location.;2. Manually type in the exact following statement (must include equal signs first) = MAX (B2:B253);3. Move the cursor to a remote and empty cell location inside your spreadsheet and place it inside the empty cell for a moment by pressing on left click of your mouse in order to avoid error message by Excel.;4. At this time you should be able to see the calculated range of body fat for your data table in percent.;For range of body weight ----;Follow the steps stated above exactly except in step 2 you need to manually type in = MAX (C2:C253) - MIN (C2:C253);This will provide you with the range of body weight of Gym members in pounds for your data table inside your spreadsheet.;Part 2: Hypothesis Testing;You will use the spreadsheet, below Part 1, to perform the P- Value to Part 2: Hypothesis testing about the claim or hypothesis manager.;P-Value Calculations;Population Mean of Body Fat;1. Place the cursor inside cell location H20 and manually type in "20"for mean of body fat population. Make sure you move the cursor after typing to a remote area and place it in a blank cell location and left click there in order to avoid an error message.;Standard deviation of Body Fat;2. Place the cursor inside cell H22. Then find the standard deviation of body fat the way explained in part 1 inside spreadsheet 1.;P-Value Calculation;3. Place the cursor inside cell location H24. Then open "Formulas tab at the top of spreadsheet. Then open "more functions" tab. Then, open statistical tab from the appearing list. Then from the vertical menu that pops up on the right side select Z-Test function at the bottom of the vertical menu. A window pops up with three small windows.;4. Type in "B2:B253" inside the top window to represent the array of data for body fat.;5. Place the cursor inside the middle window and type in "20". This represents the population mean of body fat of 20.;6. Place the cursor inside the lower or third window and type in "H22". This represents the standard deviation.;7. Now open "OK" tab at the bottom of the large window.;8. You should be able to see the cumulative probability of error inside cell location H24.;9. Place the cursor in cell location "H27" and manually type in = 1 - H24. This will find the complement of the probability found for F7 location.;10. Place the cursor in cell "H29" and manually type in "= 2*H27". This will provide the P-value for two tails of normal distribution.;11. You need to use this P-value (in H29 cell location) inside the word document to perform the hypothesis test in part 2 the way explained inside power point presentation.;This will complete all calculations for two parts of this phase. In part 2 inside your word document you need to show the required five steps to perform the hypothesis two tailed test as we discussed in the live chats. Please place all of your discussions and responses inside your word document and not inside the spreadsheet.;Cities, References and APA format.


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