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Question;STAT;251G+ Activity sheet;1. A couple plans to have 3 children. How many possible outcomes are there? Draw a tree diagram to show the sample;space. What is the probability that they;will have exactly 2 girls and 1 boy?;2. Given eight students, three;of which are female, if two students are selected at random, without;replacement, what is the probability that both students are female? Explain your reasoning.;3. On an eight-question;true-false quiz, a student guesses each answer. What is the probability that;the student gets at least one of the answers correct? Explain your reasoning.;4. A business has seven locations to;choose from and wishes to rank only the top three locations. How many different;ways can this be done? Explain your;reasoning.;5. The;number of cartoons watched on Saturday mornings by students in Mrs. Kelly's;first grade class is shown below.;Number of cartoons watched X;0;1;2;3;4;5;Probability P(X);0.15;0.20;0.30;0.10;0.20;0.05;Find the;mean, variance, and standard deviation.;Show the correct formulas and your work.;6. Find the zvalue;to the right of the mean such that 85% of the total area under the standard;normal distribution curve lies to the left of it? Explain how you found your answer.;7. The mean weight of loads of;rock is 43.0 tons with a standard deviation of 10.0 tons. If 25 loads are chosen at random for a weight;check, find the probability that the mean weight of those loads is less than;41.9 tons. Assume that the variable is;normally distributed. Show all work;including your sketch of the normal distribution with the correct area shaded.;8. Mrs. Smith's reading class;can read an average of 175 words per minute with a standard deviation of 20;words per minute. The top 3% of the;class is to receive a special award. What is the minimum number of words per;minute a student would need to read in order to get the award? Assume the data is normally distributed. Show all work.


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