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MGMT 3332 ? FALL 2014- CASE 1 - Jackson Urgent Care service




Question;MGMT 3332 ? FALL 2014- CASE 1 - Jackson Urgent Care service;Jackson Urgent Care service opened in early 2012 to provide;health care service to patients;who needed to see a physician urgently, but did not have a;condition that called for an;emergency. Since the number of patients that came every day;varied, Martha Jones, the;manager of Jackson, found it difficult to schedule staff.;The service opened from 8 a.m. to 8;p.m. every day. Often staff had to stay longer due large;number of patients waiting for service.;She approached Gary Adams, a recent graduate of UHD who had;received an ?A? in MGT 3332;to help her out to do a better job of forecasting. Gary;shuffled over his old notes and thought;he could use what he had learned in MGT 3332. He recalled;that in such cases Time Series data;could be useful. So, he asked Martha to provide him the;recent patient data.;Martha went back to her office and compiled the past data as;shown in Table below.;Date No. of Patients Date No. of Patients8/1/2014 63 8/16/2014 808/2/2014 70 8/17/2014 798/3/2014 65 8/18/2014 888/4/2014 72 8/19/2014 888/5/2014 82 8/20/2014 858/6/2014 70 8/21/2014 908/7/2014 75 8/22/2014 728/8/2014 81 8/23/2014 958/9/2014 70 8/24/2014 888/10/2014 75 8/25/2014 988/11/2014 65 8/26/2014 958/12/2014 98 8/27/2014 998/13/2014 78 8/28/2014 898/14/2014 80 8/29/2014 958/15/2014 82 8/30/2014 988/31/2014 96;A. Plot a scatter diagram of the above data. Do you think;time series models will be useful for;forecasting in such a situation?;B. Determine a linear trend line for forecasting. Use your;trend equation to forecast for the date of;your birthday in month of September. (If your birthday is;5th November, forecast for 5th;September. If your birthday is 25th February, forecast for;25th September).;C. Assume the forecast on 8/21/2014 was same as the actual;forecast for September 1, using;exponential smoothing method. Use alpha=0.3 if your;birthdate is an odd number, use alpha =;0.6, it is an even number. Use Excel for this exercise.;D. What did you learn from this case analysis?


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