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The Community Care Access Center (CCAC) is responsible for determining which client waiting for placement




Question;The Community Care Access Center (CCAC) is responsible for determining whichclient waiting for placement in long term care receives the next available bed.To assist in future planning, they wanted to look at the client choices from each hospital.Clients are differentiated based on whether they choose a private bed, a ward bed orare willing to take either. The CCAC hypothesized that there should be no difference between the three hospitals (MON, QCH and TOH) in terms of the breakdown of client choice at each facility. The cross-tabulation of data is asfollows:PrivateWardEitherTotalMontfort 216 175 83 474Queensway-Carleton275 241 147 663The OttawaHospital444 778 657 1879Total 935 1194 887 3016Test whether client choice differs by hospital, using the 5% level of significance. What is theapproximate p-value?Use Minitab to calculate the test statistic, but showseparately how the calculation was done.


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