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MCQ- The accounting department at Weston Materials, Inc. manufacturer of demountable GARAGE




Question;1) The accounting department at Weston Materials, Inc. manufacturer of demountable GARAGE indicates that two workers take an average of 32 hours with a standard deviation of two hours to build a carport. Assume the assembly times are normally distributed. (Approximate to 2 decimal places)1 Determine the value of z for 29 hours.2 Determine the value of z for 34 hours.3 What percentage of GARAGES requires between 29 and 34 hours to be armed?2) The probability that a golfer makes hole in a certain type of pitch is 0.2. If you try it 5 times, calculate the probability that it guesses not any time. (approximated to four decimal places)a. 0.4569b. 0.3277c. 0.5000d. 1.5873) One of the characteristics of a probability distribution is as follows:a. the sum of all the probabilities of the outcomes is 1b. the results are consistentc. the probabilities are the result particularly from 0 to 3d. results are dependent4) A list of possible outcomes of the experiment and the corresponding probability is called:a. probability distributionb. random variablec. contingency tabled. frequency distribution5) Which of the following statements is NOT a condition of binomial distribution?a. must be at least 4 testsb. only two possible outcomes, success or failurec. constant probability of a successd. independent tests6) In the sentence, you are interested in the number of heads in launching 5 coins in the air, the experiment is:a. airb. 5 coins launch airc. number of headsd. the number of coins7) Given the following probability table, find the average (use two decimal points for answering approximate)x P (x) half8) Each new employee of a department store is provided with an identification. Personnel files are arranged in sequence starting with the number 0001 employee To poll employees about their work shift, 0153. first chose the numbers 0253, 0353, 0453, were chosen so forth, become sample members. Such sampling will receive name:a. simple random samplingb. stratified samplingc. systematic samplingd. cluster sampling9) The difference between the binomial and hypergeometric distributions is:a. number of resultsb. successes and failuresc. changes the probability of success in each triald. independence of events10) A continuous random variable can assume an infinite number of given range values.TrueFalse11) According to a State Insurance Agency, a family of 4 members spends 400 to $ 3,800 a year on all types of insurance. Sunponga that the money spent has a uniform distribution.1.What is the average amount spent on insurance?2 If a family is chosen at random, ?Cua is the probability that spend less than $ 2000 per year?12) The standard normal probability distribution is unique, it has mean 0 and standard deviation of 0.5.TrueFalse13) Which of the following examples is NOT an example of a discrete probability distribution?a. the number of electrical appliances in a houseb. if the neighbor has no pool orc. the purchase price of a bicycled. the number of rooms in a hotel14) A random variable is the result of_________:a. random experimentb. a mathematical exercisec. a questiond. a survey15) In a Poisson distribution, it is true that:a. the probability of success is always greater than.5b. the number of tests is less than 0.5c. always contains a contingency tabled. The mean and variance are equal16) Which of the following statements is not correct in regard to the normal probability distribution?a. It is based on two observationsb. The mean and median are equalc. is symmetricd. it is defined by its mean and standard deviation17) You divide a neighborhood blocks to survey political carcater. Then randomly select 12 blocks and focuses its survey in these 12 blocks. Such sampling is:a. cluster samplingb. stratified samplingc. systematic samplingd. simple random sampling18) A 0.5% of those who communicate telesales department of Sony hear the busy line. If there have been 1200 calls, what is the probability that 5 people have listened to a busy tone? Media PoissonA -.0016B 0C 0.1606D 0.0001619) A discrete random variable can assume any number of results, clearly states.TrueFalse20) Fill in the blank. In prayer, the liters of gasoline consumed by 15 different cars in a certain path of work, the random variable is continuous variable.21) The following questions are intended to confirm that you know to find the Z values in the probability table.Read the question carefully.1 The probability for smaller values at Z = -0.63 is:a. 0.2676 or 26.76%b. 0.2643 or 26.43%c. 0.2611 or 26.11%22) If the standard normal distribution is used, which of the following is the probability of obtaining a z greater than 1.66?a. 0.99515b. 0.5000c. 0.0485d. 0.451523) Classify the following variables in continuous or discrete.a. cars with mechanical problems on a "dealer")b. temperature of 10 patients in the emergency room (c. homes with roof damage as a result of Hurricane Ike (d. 15 time marathon runners will arrecostao. (e. internet usage time for 25 young people aged 15 to 17 years.


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