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Create an Excel spreadsheet or use the Project template to show your computations for the first 12 ratios listed below. Supporting calculations must be shown either as a formula or as text typed into a different cell. Required Ratios for Final Project Submission 1) Earnings per Share 2) Current Ratio 3) Gross Profit Rate 4) Profit Margin Ratio 5) Inventory Turnover Ratio 6) Days in Inventory 7) Receivables Turnover Ratio 8) Average Collection Period 9) Asset Turnover Ratio 10) Return on Assets Ratio 11) Debt to Total Assets Ratio 12) Times Interest Earned Ratio 13) Payout ratio 14) Return on Common Stockholders? Equity Ratio 15) Free Cash Flow 16) Current Cash Debt Coverage Ratio 17) Cash Debt Coverage Ratio 18) Price/Earnings Ratio [For the purpose of this ratio, for both Kohl?s and J.C. Penney, use the market price per share on January 31, 2011] A template is attached.


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