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Question;One group project relevant to the course is required and detailed instructions should be included as part of the syllabus (details provided as an appendix).This project can be a written paper or a group presentation (for on-ground) made during the last week of class. The use of must be utilized for any writing assignments (other than in-class writing or discussion questions in an online course). The use of Turnitin should be administered through the course shell in eCollege. For any writing assignment, details on formatting, as well as the use of Turnitin, must be included in the teaching syllabus.The Decision Models term project is fairly flexible in terms of the types of projects that are acceptable. You may come up with your own project topic or choose from a list of topics in the separate document. In either case, the project topic must be approved by the professor. Each group is expected to prepare a full report that addresses all areas noted in Appendix I. At the discretion of the instructor, this may include (a) make a short PowerPoint or Prezi presentation to the class reporting on their project (18 minutes including Q&A), or (b) writing a paper. Either way that is chosen, each group must submit files containing all of their project-related materials (e.g. Excel files, PowerPoint presentation files, Word files). Sample topics include:? Conduct an analysis of arealdecision problem (personal or managerial) that you are familiar with.? An analysis of an important decision problem (again,real) "in the public domain".? An experiment involving decision making and decision-analytic tools.


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