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Regression Analysis Final Project-Part II




Question;To prepare for this second Final Project assignment, it is suggested that you review pertinent information presented in previous weeks of this course (e.g., topics related to hypothesis testing, descriptive statistics, and measure of central tendency).To complete the assignment, use the saved version of the VirginiaHospitals_2001-2005 database to create a new worksheet by copying and pasting the variables listed below.Next, run a multiple regression model using 2005 data that has Total operating expense_05 as the dependent variable and the following variables as independent predictors:Staffed beds_05Medicare Days_05Medicaid Days_05Total Surgeries_05RN FTE_05OccupancyOwnershipSystem MembershipRural/UrbanTeaching AffiliationAge 65+Crime RateUninsuredThen, write a 2- to 3-page paper in which you:Specify the model in terms of a regression equation.For each predictor variable, state a hypothesis based on your understanding of the expected relationship of that variable to the dependent variable and provide your rationale for the stated hypothesis.Report summary descriptive statistics for each of the variables in your model (mean or percentage, and standard deviation).Report the coefficient and the sign (plus [+] or minus [?]) for each variable and the statistical significance of each variable (level of significance or nonsignificance), as well as the R-square for the model.Interpret the findings and explain what they would mean to a health care professional working in a hospital setting.


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