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Question;A researcher was interested in knowing if preterm infants with late metabolic acidosis and preterm infants without the condition differ with respect to urine levels of a certain chemical. The mean levels, standard deviations, and sample sizes for the two samples studied were as follows:a) Assume normality and unequal variances for the two groups, find the 90% confirdence interval for the difference of average chemical levels, between the preterm infants and without the condition.b) Test the null hypothesis (state H, H and critical value) that the preterm infants with and without the condition have the same population mean urine levels for this chemical, using a two-sided test at = 0.10 fir this testc) If we don?t want to assume the urine levels of this chemical;are normally distributedbut want to;test if the medians of the urine level of this chemical for the two populationsare equal, what test shall we use? The;urine levels of this chemical in the 2 samples;are shown below. Test this hypothesis at?=0.10level (state H0, HA, and;p-value).;With condition: 9.7, 1.5, 7.9, 4.9,3.4;Without condition: 11.1, 9.6, 7.4;8.5, 9.8, 6.5, 8.1, 7.3,10.2


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