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STATS - Two-factor independent-measures Experiment




Question;Extra credit problem (4 points, this counts toward the 12-point maximum for extra credit in this course)The following data were obtained from a two-factor independent-measures experiment with n =5 participants in each treatment condition.A1A2M=3T = 15SS = 18M=1T=5SS = 8B1M=6T = 30SS = 28M=4T = 20SS = 20B2M=9T = 45SS = 26M=1T=5SS = 20B3a. State the hypotheses for each of the three separate tests included in the two-factor ANOVA.b. Calculate degrees of freedom and locate the critical region for each of the three tests.c. Calculate the three F-ratios.d. State a conclusion for each test.


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