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Question;STAT 200;Final Exam Fall 2014;Refer;to the following table for Questions 1, 2, and 3.The;table shows temperatures on the first 12 days of October in a small town in;Maryland.;Date;Temperature;Date;Temperature;Date;Temperature;Oct 1;73;Oct 5;53;Oct 9;62;Oct 2;66;Oct 6;53;Oct 10;49;Oct 3;66;Oct 7;62;Oct 11;52;Oct 4;70;Oct 8;55;Oct 12;57;1. Determine the five number summary for this;data.2. Determine;the mean temperature.3. Determine;the mode(s), if any.Refer;to the following situation for Questions 4, 5, and 6.Consider;the following distribution by age groups.;Age;Frequency;Relative;Frequency;10 ? 14;0.04;15 - 19;20 ? 24;10;25 ? 29;6;30 ? 34;5;35 ? 39;4;40 ? 44;2;45 ? 49;1;Total;50;4. Complete the table.5. Is;the distribution bell-shaped, skewed to the left, or skewed to the right? Explain your answer.6. In;what age range is the median? Explain;your answer.7. Your entire gold coin collection consists of 5;coins. Their weights are 2, 3, 8, 7, and;6 ounces respectively. Find the standard;deviation of their weights. Show all;work.Refer;to the following information for Questions 8 and 9.In;a recent survey, participants were asked which Apple products influenced them;the most.;iPod;iPhone;iPad;Total;Age under 20;70;100;130;300;Age 20 ? 40;160;140;90;390;Age over 40;190;110;50;350;Total;420;350;270;1040;8. What is the probability that the participant;was aged 20 ? 40 or was influenced by iPad the most?9. What;is the probability that the participant was influenced by iPod the most, given;that the participant is ?Age Under 20??Refer;to the following information for Questions 10 and 11.A;club has 30 members.10. How many different ways are there to assign;the roles of President, Vice President, and Treasurer?11. How;many different committees of size 4 can be formed?12. The Island Club is holding a fund-raising;raffle. Ten thousand tickets have been;sold for $2 each. There will be a first;prize of $3,000, three second prizes of $1,000 each, five third prizes of $500;each, and 20 consolation prizes of $100 each.;What are the expected net winnings?;Interpret your answer.Questions;13 and 14 involve the random variable x;with probability distribution given below.;x;-2;4;5;6;7;P(x);0.15;0.05;0.3;0.1;0.4;13. Determine the expected value of x.14. Determine;the standard deviation of x.Questions;15, 16, and 17 involve the following situation.A;random variable X is binomial with n = 15 and p = 0.2.15. What is the probability that X =;4?16. What is the probability that X;is at least 2?17. What is the expected value of X? What is the standard deviation of X?Refer;to the following information for Questions 18, 19, 20, and 21.The;weights of the 100 boys in Boy Scout Troop 829 are normally distributed with a;mean of 170 pounds and a standard deviation of 5 pounds.18. What is the probability that a boy picked at;random weighs less than 165 pounds?19. How;many boys would you expect to weigh between 161 and 172 pounds?20. Find;the 96th percentile.21. Find;the cutoff value which represents the middle 80% of their weights.Refer;to the following information for Questions 22 and 23.A;random sample of 94 light bulbs had a mean life of 587 hours. The standard deviation of;the lifetime of all such light bulbs is 36 hours.22. Construct a 90% confidence interval estimate;of the mean life of all light bulbs of this type.23. It;was expected that the mean lifetime of the light bulbs was 600 hours. Do the results contradict expectations? Explain your answer.24. Consider the hypothesis test give by:H0;? = 50Ht;? > 50.In;a random sample of 100 subjects, the sample mean is found to be 53.4. Also, the populations standard deviation is;8.Determine;the P-value for this test. Is there sufficient evidence to justify the;rejection of the null hypothesis?;Explain.25. We perform the following hypothesis test of;proportion of successes in a population.Ho;p = 0.7 vs Hl: p


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