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Question;The le Bond Funds contains information regarding eight variablesfrom a sample of 180 mutual funds: Type - Type of bonds comprising thebond fund (intermediate government or short-term corporate)Assets - In millions of dollarsFees - Sales charges (no or yes)Expense ration - Ratio of expenses to net assets in percentageReturn 2008 - Twelve-month return in 2008Three-year return - Annualized return, 2006-2008Five-year return - Annualized return, 2004 - 2008Risk - Risk-of-loss factor of the bond mutual fund (below average, average,or above average)Completely analyze the difference between below average-risk, average-risk,and above average-risk bond mutual funds in terms of 2008 return, three year return and five-year return. Write a report summarizing your findings.


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