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Course Project Part B




Question;Course Project Part BNote: Remember that your topic must be approved by the instructor before you submit part B.In the previous units, you learned how to collect and interpret data. Now it is time to put parts of your project together. You must gather your own data by observational study, controlled experiment, or survey. Data will need to be such that analysis can be done using the tools of this course. For this part of your project you must submit your research or the questions that you developed for your survey, and include the information below.Complete the following:Sampling: Provide a careful description of how you obtained the samples. Be very specific. Include sample sizes, population of interest, and description of sample. Also include a copy of the survey if you used one.Data: The actual data and a summary of the counts.Descriptive Statistics: Any descriptive statistics relevant to your project should be included. Provide the following information:meanmodemedianstandard deviation.I need this on the top 10 countries of smoking related deaths... DO NOT USE THE COUNTRIES LISTED BELOW:USA 444,000 India 900,000Russia 50,000Turkey 110,000Germany 14,000South Korea 49,000Mexico 65,000Iran 50,000France 66,000China 12,000,000


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