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Knight Industries-Knight Industries is a medium-sized paint manufacturer. The process of making paint consists of




Question;Knight Industries;Knight Industries is a medium-sized;paint manufacturer. The process of making paint consists of four major steps;weigh-up, premix, milling, and letdown. In the weigh-up stage, the ingredients;are added to a tank one at a time according to the formula. Next, the batch is;mixed on a dispersion mixer, this premix stage takes about 30?60 minutes. Then;the batch is pumped into an agitated vessel that contains a milling medium;(small steel or titanium dioxide balls of consistent size), which reduces it to;a specified particle size. Finally, the paint is removed from the mill and;allowed to cool, then tested. Solvent is lost during the milling stage because;of elevated temperatures, in the letdown stage, solvent is added to lower the;viscosity to proper levels.;Viscosity, percent weight solids;and weight per gallon are all important quality characteristics because they;determine the dry thickness, how well it applies to a surface, and corrosion;properties. For a particular type of paint used by automotive companies to prevent;corrosion, specifications are;Viscosity: 60?80;Weight solids: 60?65 percent;Weight per gallon: 12.6?13.5;The Excel file C08 KnightIndData.xlsx;contains data for a series of batches that were produced. Using appropriate;SPC charts or other statistical tools, evaluate how well the process is in;control and its capability to meet requirements. Express your results in a;report to the plant manager.


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