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Question;Pg94 #4. Nominal Data When the Indianapolis Colts recently won the Super Bowl, the numbers on the jerseys of the active players were 29, 41, 50, 58, 79,..., 10 (listed in the alphabetical order of the players names). Does it make sense to calculate the mean of those numbers? Why or why not?#8. FICO Scores The FICO credit rating scores obtained in a simple random sample are listed below. As of this writing, the reported mean FICO score was 678. Do these sample FICO scores appear to be consistent with the reported mean?714 751 664 789 818 779 698 836 753 834 693 80214. NCAA Football Coach Salaries Listed below are the annual salaries for a simple ran- dom sample of NCAA football coaches (based on data from USA Today). How do the mean and median change if the highest salary is omitted?$150,000 $300,000 $350,147 $232,425 $360,000 $1,231,421 $810,000 $229,00022. BMI for Miss America The trend of thinner Miss America winners has generated charges that the contest encourages unhealthy diet habits among young women. Listed below are body mass indexes (BMI) for Miss America winners from two different time periods.BMI (from the 1920s and 1930s):20.4 21.9 22.1 22.3 20.3 18.8 18.9 19.4 18.4 19.1BMI (from recent winners):19.5 20.3 19.6 20.2 17.8 17.9 19.1 18.8 17.6 16.824. Customer Waiting Times Waiting times (in minutes) of customers at the Jefferson Valley Bank (where all customers enter a single waiting line) and the Bank of Providence (where customers wait in individual lines at three different teller windows) are listed below. Determine whether there is a difference between the two data sets that is not apparent from a comparison of the measures of center. If so, what is it? Jefferson Valley (single line): 6.5 6.6 6.7 6.8 7.1 7.3 7.4 7.7 7.7 7.7 Providence (individual lines): 4.2 5.4 5.8 6.2 6.7 7.7 7.7 8.5 9.3 10.0In Exercises 2932, find the mean of the data summarized in the given frequency distribution.Also, compare the computed means to the actual means obtained by using the original list of data values, which are as follows: (Exercise 29) 21.1 mg, (Exercise 30) 76.3 beats per minute, (Exercise 31) 46.7 mi/h, (Ex- ercise 32) 1.911 lb.#29. Tar (mg) in NonfilteredFrequencyCigarettes10-13114-17018-211522-25726-29233. Weighted Mean A student of the author earned grades of B, C, B, A, and D. Those courseshad these corresponding numbers of credit hours: 3, 3, 4, 4, and 1. The grading sys- tem assignsquality points to letter grades as follows:,,,,. Compute the grade point average (GPA) andround the result with two decimal places. If the Deans list requires a GPA of 3.00 or greater, didthis student make the Deans list?Pg.110 #7. Car Crash Costs The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety conducted tests withcrashes of new cars traveling at 6 mi/h. The total cost of the damages for a simple randomsample of the tested cars are listed below. Based on these results, is damage of $10,000 unusual?Why or why not?$7448 $4911 $9051 $6374 $4277#8. FICO Scores A simple random sample of FICO credit rating scores is listed below. As of thiswriting, the mean FICO score was reported to be 678. Based on these results, is a FICO score of500 unusual? Why or why not?714 751 664 789 818 779 698 836 753 834 693 802#9. TV Salaries Listed below are the top 10 annual salaries (in millions of dollars) of TV personalities (based on data from OK! magazine). These salaries correspond to Letterman, Cowell,Sheindlin, Leno, Couric, Lauer, Sawyer, Viera, Sutherland, and Sheen. Given that these are thetop 10 salaries, do we know anything about the variation of salaries of TV personalities ingeneral?38 36 35 27 15 13 12 10 9.6 8.4Pg111.#21Coefficient of Variation. In Exercises 2124, find the coefficient of variation foreach of the two sets of data, then compare the variation. (The same data were used in Section 32.)21. Cost of Flying Listed below are costs (in dollars) of roundtrip flights from JFK airport inNew York City to San Francisco. All flights involve one stop and a two-week stay. The air- linesare US Air, Continental, Delta, United, American, Alaska, and Northwest.30 Days in Advance: 244 260 264 264 278 318 2801 Day in Advance: 456 614 567 943 628 1088 536Pg112 #29 Finding Standard Deviation from a Frequency Distribution. In Exercises 29 and 30,find the standard deviation of sample data summarized in a frequency distri- bution table byusing the formula below, where x represents the class midpoint, f represents the class frequency,and n represents the total number of sample val- ues. Also, compare the computed standarddeviations to these standard deviations obtained by using Formula 3-4 with the original list ofdata values: (Exercise 29) 3.2 mg, (Exercise 30) 12.5 beats per minute.29.113 # 31. Range Rule of Thumb As of this writing, all of the ages of winners of the MissAmerica Pageant are between 18 years and 24 years. Estimate the standard deviation of thoseages.# 33. Empirical Rule Heights of women have a bell-shaped distribution with a mean of 161 cmand a standard deviation of 7 cm. Using the empirical rule, what is the approximate percentage ofwomen between a. 154 cm and 168 cm? b. 147 cm and 175 cm?34. Empirical Rule The authors Generac generator produces voltage amounts with a mean of125.0 volts and a standard deviation of 0.3 volt, and the voltages have a bell-shaped distribution. Using the empirical rule, what is the approximate percentage of voltage amounts betweena. 124.4 volts and 125.6 volts?b. 124.1 volts and 125.9 volts?35. Chebyshevs Theorem Heights of women have a bell-shaped distribution with a mean of 161cm and a standard deviation of 7 cm. Using Chebyshevs theorem, what do we know about thepercentage of women with heights that are within 2 standard deviations of the mean? What arethe minimum and maximum heights that are within 2 standard deviations of the mean?Pg127 # 8. z Score for Worlds Tallest Man Bao Xishun is the worlds tallest man with a heightof 92.95 in. (or 7 ft, 8.95 in.). Men have heights with a mean of 69.6 in. and a standard deviation of 2.8 in. a. What is the difference between Baos height and the mean height of men?b. How many standard deviations is that (the difference found in part (a))?c. Convert Baos height to a z score.d. Does Baos height meet the criterion of being unusual by corresponding to a z score that doesnot fall between _2and 2?9. z Scores for Body Temperatures Human body temperatures have a mean of 98.20F and astandard deviation of 0.62F (based on Data Set 2 in Appendix B). Convert each giventemperature to a z score and determine whether it is usual or unusual.a. 101.00Fb.96.90Fc. 96.98F10. z Scores for Heights of Women Soldiers The U.S. Army requires womens heights to bebetween 58 in. and 80 in. Women have heights with a mean of 63.6 in. and a standard deviationof 2.5 in. Find the z score corresponding to the minimum height requirement and find the z scorecorresponding to the maximum height requirement. Determine whether the minimum andmaximum heights are unusual.Pg128 #14. Comparing Test Scores Scores on the SAT test have a mean of 1518 and a standarddevi- ation of 325. Scores on the ACT test have a mean of 21.1 and a standard deviation of 4.8.Which is relatively better: a score of 1190 on the SAT test or a score of 16.0 on the ACT test?Why?


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