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Question;SPSS ANOVA ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONSRead the case studies below and choose the appropriate ANOVA procedure. Then, using the ANOVA Data Set, run the appropriate correlation or regression procedure, analyze the data, and report the results in a properly formatted APA Results section.Please be sure to include the following elements in the Results section:1. The assumption tests and their results (include graphs if you used them)2. An adequate report of the descriptive statistics3. The null hypothesis4. The results of the statistical procedure?both ANOVA F-test and any post hoc test5. The decision regarding the null hypothesisFor the purpose of this assignment, do not transform or change any variables if assumptions are not met. Conduct and report the most appropriate parametric procedure, simply note violations.Submit this assignment in a Word document by the end of Module/Week 7.Case Study 1The administration at an online university has recognized that critical lines of research have consistently identified two crucial factors associated with effective higher education: (1) community and (2) learning. They also recognize that with the rapid advancement of technologies, they have been afforded the opportunity to enhance the online teaching and learning process. Thus, the administration is interested in knowing if the use of different technological mediums for the delivery of online courses affects students' development of community and learning. They plan to examine four different mediums: (1) virtual worlds, (2) e-conferencing systems, (3) chat systems, and (4) Blackboard Discussion Board forums. To determine if there was a difference between students? sense of community based on mediums, they asked one educational statistics professor to teach his course using four different systems. Students were randomly assigned to four treatments for their statistics course. At the end of the course, they were asked to complete a survey that consisted of both a perceived learning and sense of community measure. Using this data, the first research question that was examined is as follows: Is there a difference in students' sense of community score by teacher? (Note that scores for community can range from 10 to 40 with higher scores reflecting higher degrees of community). Do not forget to analyze and report assumption of homogeneity of variances. An APA-style table may be helpful in adequately reporting descriptive statistics. A table sometimes makes it easier to compare means and interpret ANOVA results.Case Study 2Using this data, the second research question is as follows: Is there a difference in perceived learning in students by delivery system and by gender? (Note that the scores for perceived learning can range from 10 to 60 with higher scores reflecting higher perceived learning). Do not forget to evaluate the assumption of no extreme outliers by subpopulation.


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