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STA 2023 Pg 122 Four Questions




Question;STA 2023 Pg 1221. How Would You Do It? (a) How would you investigate the statement about the price of automobile insurance premiums? (b) What statistical measures in this chapter would you use?2. Displaying the Data (a) What type of graph would you choose to display the data? Why?(b) Construct the graph from part (a). (c) On the basis of what you did in part (b), does it appearthat the average automobile insurance premium in your city, City A, is higher than in any of the other cities? Explain.3. Measuring the Data (a) What statistical measures discussed in this chapter would you use to analyze theautomobile insurance premium data? (b) Calculate the measures from part (a). (c) Compare the measures from part(b) with the graph you made in Exercise 2. Do the measurements support your conclusion in Exercise 2? Explain.4. Discussing the Data (a) What would you tell your readers? Is the average automobile insurance premium in your city more than in the other cities? (b) What reasons might you give to your readers as to why the prices of automobile insurance premiums vary from city to city?


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