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Analyzing the Data Set Using Descriptive Statistics Questions




Question;Analyzing the Data Set Using Descriptive Statistics;Resources;Now that you have your unique survey data in Excel, you can;perform descriptive statistics with the tools about which we learned at the;beginning of the course. You may choose how you wish to analyze the data, but;your work should include the following at a minimum;Questions 1, 2, 3, and 4 (Binomial Questions);Each question should have the following elements;?;Sample Proportion of each;response.;?;Sample Size.;?;Bar Chart (Column Chart);or Pie Chart.;Questions 5 and 6 (Continuous Questions);Each question should have the following elements;?;Sample Mean.;?;Sample Median.;?;Sample Mode.;?;Sample Standard;Deviation.;?;Sample Range.;?;Sample Minimum and;Maximum.;?;Histogram.;Next, explore your data a bit further. What are two interesting;findings from your survey responses? Investigate responses for selected;variables based on responses to binomial questions. For example, if the answer;to question 1 was Male or Female and to question 8 was Annual Income, you might examine average annual income;for Males only and Females only and compare these results. Present your;interesting findings as both a table and an appropriate graph or chart.;Results note: Because the survey data generation is done without;context, you will have to put aside any preconceived notions about how your;data should look. Your task is to analyze, interpret, and communicate the;unique results.;Technology note: You will need to sort or rearrange your original data file;to accomplish some of these tasks. Be sure you keep a copy of your original;data file e-mail attachment as a backup.;Instructions;1. Analyze your data according to the assignment description.;2. Format your findings in an Excel spreadsheet with appropriate;and easy-to-read labels.;Question;Question Type;Expected Value;Min.;Max.;1.;Do you utilize hair products?;Binomial;1000;n/a;n/a;2.;Do you use hair products everyday of the week?;Binomial;1000;n/a;n/a;3.;Do you spend more than one hour a day on your hair?;Binomial;1000;n/a;n/a;4.;Are you subscribed to any hair companies for daily shipments of your;particular product?;Binomial;1000;n/a;n/a;5.;How many hours a week do you use your hair product for functions?;Continuous;500;5;300;6.;In the past year, how much capital have you spent purchasing hair products?;Continuous;500;5;300


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