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Question;Your company is acquiring space in a new building for your department and you have been asked to provide input into the cubicle configuration. You want to follow best practices and decide to take a sample of 100 companies to see what size other companies have used. The sample average cubicle size is 80 square feet. Based on past studies the standard deviation seems to be about 10 square feet. Assume a normal distribution of this data set.a. What is the expected cubicle size for the population with 99% confidence?b. Find the estimated chance that companies will have an average cubicle size between 92 and 108 feet. Carry at least one decimal place in these calculations.c. If I take a larger sample what happens to the accuracy of my expected value? Explain in simple sentences.d. The expected value for the population with a 95% confidence interval for the average cubicle size will be ______ give or take ________. Watch your units.


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