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STATS - A large organization is being investigated




Question;Directions: Read;the following problem. In your drop box;submission, please include the following information;a. Determine;if the problem is either a test of hypothesis, a confidence interval or;something else and specify the ?key words? found in the problem that;demonstrate your choice.;b. Determine;the procedure name and parameters involved for each problem (use the Stat 200;Formulas and Techniques Summary document.);Specify the ?key words? found in the problem that lead you to this;choice.;c. If;the problem is a hypothesis test, indicated if it has a lower-tail, upper-tail;or two-tail alternative hypothesis as well as the test statistic formula for;the test. If the problem is a confidence;interval then indicate the formula used for the margin of error.;Unless indicated otherwise, you DO NOT;need to do the ACTUAL test of hypothesis, confidence interval, etc. Just;enter your answer to a., b., and c. above in the dropbox.;A large organization;is being investigated to determine if its recruitment is sex-biased. Tables 1;and 2, respectively, show the classification of applicants for sales and for;secretarial positions according to gender and result of interview. Table 3 is;an aggregation of the corresponding entries of Table 1 and Table 2.;Answer each of the following;i. According to the data in tables 1 and 2, does there seem to be;an association with gender and hiring status at the 5% significance level?;ii. Does the data in Table 3 indicate the same result?


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