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Question;Questions;In the regression equation;y=2.164+1.3657x, n=6, the mean of x is 8.667, Sxx=89.333 and Se= 3.44. A;95% confidence interval for the average of y when x=8is;a) (9.13, 17.05);b) (2.75, 23.43);c) (10.31, 15.86);d) (3.56, 22.62);e) (12.09, 14.09);(I have answers to the question below;but want a second opinion);If we reject H0:?1=?2=0 using the F-test, then we;should conclude that both slopes are different from zero.;True or False;A completely randomized design has been analyzed by using a one-way;ANOVA. There are three treatment groups in the design, and each sample size is;four. The mean for group 1 is 25.00 and for group 3 it is 27.50. MSE is 3.19.;Using?=0.05 there is a significant difference between these two groups.;True or False;The variability in the estimated slope is smaller;when the x-values are more spread out.;True or False;The strength of a linear relationship in simple;linear regression change if the units of the data are converted, say from feet;to inches.;True or False;A slope in a multiple regression model is known as;a partial slope because it ignores the effects of other explanatory variables.;True or False;The Tukey-Kramer procedure allows us;to simultaneously examine all pairs of population means after the ANOVA test;has been completed without increasing the trues? level.;True or False;Prediction intervals get narrower as we extrapolate;outside the range of the data.;True or False;The nonparametric counterpart of the t;test to compare the means of two related samples is the _______.;a) chi-square goodness of fit test;b) chi-square test of independence;c) Mann-Whitney U test;d) Wilcoxon test;e) Friedman test;Which of the following tests might be;used to compare the means of two populations if the samples are related?;a) Mann-Whitney test;b) Wilcoxon test;c) Runs test;d) Spearman?s test;e) Kruskal-Wallis test


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