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Question;The Week 2 Student Presentation involves clarifying the difference between Biostatistics and Epidemiology. The student will present a presentation that explains the difference. And the student will critically evaluate the work of a peer using a grading rubric.Part 1 ? Build & Post your presentation to the Student Presentations discussion thread using the Discussion button at left. Start your own thread and attach your presentation to it.-The presentation must use PowerPoint. The presentation must be at least 5 slides in length.-The PowerPoint must cite references within the slides in APA format, and then list the references on the last slide in APA format. Hint: use your text and your Research Article for your reference citations.This must be posted no later than Thursday midnight, CST. This part is worth half of the points for this assignment. Only the first presentation can receive a perfect score (if it?s good enough). Subsequent presentations benefit from the work of others and 0.5 points are lost for each post that gets posted before you post. So, early birds can get an A+ (with high quality work). Later birds can still get an A, but not 100% (with high quality work). The latest birds can?t get an A because there are 10 other posts from which they can benefit. However, you can get a B+ (with high quality work).Part 2 ? Use the grading rubric, which is the solution file attached to this assignment page in IZIO, to critically evaluate one of your classmates.-You can pick whomever you want to evaluate except for yourself and so long as nobody else has already posted an evaluation for that student. If you have no other choice you can post a 2nd evaluation to 1 student.-Your evaluation must include specific comments that justify your scores. Put those comments beneath the rubric at the end. Post your evaluation/rubric and comments in response to a peer?s initial presentation post.-You must include a letter grade (A, B, C, D, or F) in the subject of your evaluation post. I will grade your evaluation.


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