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STATS - Make a scatterplot of your data




Question;Attach file is the data set. Note, the independent variable is height (first column in the data file -measured in inches) and the response variable is weight (second column in the data file -measured in pounds).1. Make a scatterplot of your data and describe the:(a) Direction(b) Form(c) Strength(d) Correlation(g) Outliers3. Based on your data, construct a linear regression model of your response variable as a function of your predictor variable following the steps below:(a) Compute mean of x and y(b) Compute sd of x and y(c) Compute r(d) Compute b0 and b1(e) Construct the respective Least Squares line and plot it over your scatter plot.(f) Compute the respective R2 and interpret your results.(g) For your model, compute and plot the residuals vs x. Describe what you observe from this plot.(h) Are there any outliers? If so, are they high leverage and/or influential.(i) Based on your model, make 3 predictions (use heights 70?, 74?, and 78?) for your response variable.


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