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STATS - Graphical Frequency Distributions




Question;Graphing your DataFor this assignment you will be using the data file gss96_06each750The Frequencies command produces graphical frequency distributions. Click Analyze, then Descriptive Statistics, then Frequencies. A dialog box for the Frequencies command will pop up. Here you can enter the variables for which you would like to create graphs or charts. Double click on the following variables: RACE, SEX, AGE3, MARITAL, DEGREE, and INCOME3 (and more if you feel adventurous!), this will move the variables to the blank area to the right.In the same dialog box, click on ?charts? on the top-right hand side, a dialog box for Frequencies: Charts will appear. Click on Bar Charts under Chart Type, then click on Frequencies under Chart Values and finally click Continue. This will close this dialog box and take you back to the Frequencies dialog box, here click OK.Then look at the output file.For each of the (six) bar charts, write a couple of sentences describing what you see.1. RACE:2. SEX:3. AGE3:4. MARITAL:5. DEGREE:6. INCOME3:To Save the Output File: (Always, always save your output files ? SPSS doesn?t do it for you and it is completely separate from your data file)You must first be viewing the output window. Click File, scroll down to Save, and click ? you might want to give it a name such as: SPSS-asg4_outputTo Quit SPSS:Click File.Click Exit.


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