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MATH 231 Statisitcs Assignment




Question;1. Flip a coin 40 times and record your results. Use 0 to represent heads and 1 to represent tails.Calculate the mean and standard deviation for your data set. (1 point)Perform a hypothesis test against the null hypothesis that the true mean is 0.5. Calculate the z-value for your data and use an alpha level of 0.05 to perform the hypothesis test. (2 points)Indicate whether you reject or fail to reject the null hypothesis and discuss your results. (1 point)2. In 350 to 700 words, share the value of statistics in your current or future profession. Provide at least three specific examples of how you will be able to used your course learning in your field. Include at least one outside reference to support your work, but do not use quotations. This summary is intended torepresent your reflection on the topic and should consist only of your words and paraphrases (with in-text and terminal citations) of any outside resources cited. (3 points)


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