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Question;Stat230 Group Exercises Week 2;Directions;Please complete each of the 3 problems and submit to this folder;1. One institute mandates;that for every 100 items scanned through the electronic checkout scanner at a;retail store, no more than 2 should have an inaccurate price. A recent study of;the accuracy of checkout scanners at the stores of a certain company showed;that, of the 55 company stores investigated, 41 violated the institute's;scanner accuracy standard. If 1 of the 55 company stores is randomly selected;what is the probability that that store does not violate the institute scanner;accuracy standard?;2.;The table to the right;Jury;Judge;Totals;gives a;breakdown of;Plaintiff;trialwin;-;reversed;198;71;269;2,137;civil cases that;Plaintiff;trial;were;appealed. The;win-affirmed/dismissed;415;242;657;outcome;of the;Defendant trial;win;-;reversed;118;65;183;appeal;as well as the;Defendant;trial;type of;trial (judge or;win -affirmed/dismissed;713;315;1,028;jury);was determined;Totals;1,444;693;2,137;for each;case.;Suppose;one of the cases is selected at random and the outcome of the appeal and type;of trial are observed.;?;a.Find P(A), where A= {jury trial};?;Find;P(B), where B = {defendant trial win is reversed};? Are A and B mutually exclusive events?;?;Find P(Ac);? Find (A? B);? Find (A? B);3.;P(Dc);?;?;P(Bc);?;P(B? D)


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