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BANA 2082 Individual Assignment #1 (Business Analytics II)




Question;You will be randomly assigned a multiple regression problem from the Statistics forBusiness and Economics textbook. If you do not have the textbook, you have access to it fromthe Reserves Desk at Langsam Library. The datafiles associated with the problems are availableon Blackboard under Assignments and you will find them as the last documents in that area.Your assigned problem will describe the setting for your datafile and maybe have veryspecific questions, which are typically things you will want address. But your assignment is notto just answer the questions in the problem. Your assignment is to thoroughly develop and solveon EXCEL the best multiple regression model(s) and report all basic results with particularattention to any more interesting results from those model(s). Prepare a Managerial Report thatincludesA detailed introduction and explanation of the problem setting including thedescription of the variables involved & their relationships. Embellish if you wish!For all problems, determine the correlation matrix for the independent variables.This can assist with developing a model with less multicollinearity.A mathematical statement(s) and explanation of any multiple regression model(s)you solve and report.Provide the EXCEL outputs for your regression(s).First, make sure your assumptions for the error terms hold by examining graphsfor the residuals and standardized residuals. If your model is questionable youshould try to modify it to determine a better model, but you may have to continueanyway with the best model you can develop.Provide and explain well all basic results from EXCEL such aso the estimated regression equationo Ra2o F testo t testso p-valueso confidence intervalso Give particular note to which variables are significant and which are not.Use your model(s) for prediction.For your report submission please include the followingA cover sheet with a title and your contact information so that someone interestedin the report can reach you.After you have finished everything (described, formulated and solved model(s),interpreted the printouts, and written all of the report), create a one-half to onepage Executive Summary that indicates what the problem is, what you did tosolve it, the final solution, and any other interesting results. This synopsis is forthe busy executive who wants to see what is in the report and look at detailsfurther if interested. This should be the first page after the cover sheet before theentire report.Please notePlease help each other all you want with inputting data and solving on EXCEL,but the write-up is to be solely your work.You must solve the assigned problem and cannot select and submit anotherproblem.Late assignments are not accepted without prior arrangements.All problems are unique and different styles of papers are expected so we do notexpect all papers to necessarily be that similar, beyond making sure that you coverthe bullet points above.We are not necessarily looking for an exact solution to an exact question. Thisassignment is to explore appropriate modeling approaches of finding, solving onEXCEL, and reporting the results of a multiple regression setting.


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