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Question;1. Willow Brook National Bank operates a drive-up teller window that allows customers to complete bank transactions without getting out of their cars. On weekday mornings, arrivals to the drive-up teller window occur at random, with an arrival rate of 24 customers per hour 0.4 customers per minute.a. What is the mean or expected number of customers that will arrive in a five-minute period?b. Assume that the Poisson probability can be used to describe the arrival process. Use the arrival rate in part (a) and compute the probabilities that exactly 0, 1, 2, and 3 customers will arrive during a five-minute period.2. Use the single-server drive-up bank teller operation referred to in Problem 1 and 2 to determine the following operating characteristics for the system:a. The probability that no customers are in the systemb. The average number of customers waitingc. The average number of customers in the systemd. The average time a customer spends time waitinge. The average time a customer spends in the systemf. The probability that arriving customers will have to wait for servicerity?


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