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Question;Select the single best answer for;each question or statement.;1) __________ is involved with collecting;information that might be used by a variety of managers.;a.;Applied research;b. Pure research;c. Systematic research.;d. Scientific research.;2) Two accounting professors decided to;compare the variation of their grading procedures. To accomplish this they each;graded the same 10 exams with the following results: Professor 1: Mean Grade =;79.3, Standard deviation = 22.4, Professor 2: Mean Grade = 82.1, standard;deviation = 12. At the 1% level of significance, what is the decision?;a. Reject the null hypothesis and conclude the;variance is different.;b. Fail to reject the null hypothesis and;conclude the variance is different.;c. Reject the null hypothesis and conclude the;variance is the same.;d. Fail to reject the null hypothesis and;conclude the variance is the same.;3. The best example of a null hypothesis for a;global test of a multiple regression model is;a. HO: ?1= ?2= ?3= ?4.;b.;HO: ?1= ?2= ?3= ?4.;c. HO: ?1=0;d.;if F is greater than 20.00 then reject.;4) What is our decision regarding the;differences between the observed and expected frequencies if the critical value;of chi-square is 9.488 and thye compared value is 6.079?;a.;Due to chance, do not reject the null hypothesis;b.;Not due to chance, reject the null hypothesis.;c.;Not due to chance, do not reject the alternate hypothesis;d.;Too close, reserve judgment;5);This nonparametric test requires at least ordinal level data. Its;purpose is to find out if there is any difference between two sets of related;observations and it is used if the assumptions required for the paired t test;cannot be met. Which test is it?;a. ANOVA;b. Rank correlation;c.;Kruskal ?Wallis;d. None of the above.;6) Cappelli Inc., designs and manufactures;women?s apparel using material from various mills. Their acceptance sampling;plan states that 20 two inch squares of the incoming material must be fully;checked. If 3 or less squares reveal imperfections, the lot is accepted. What;is the probability that an incoming lot from Blufton Mills that contain 40;percent imperfect cloth will be accepted?;a. 0;b. 0.239;c. 0.015;d. 0.0024;7);The wholesale price of a straight back desk chair in 1998 was $20.00, in;1999, $23.00, and in 2000, $18.00. What were the indexes for 1999 and 2000;using 1998 = 100?;a.;115.0 and 90.0;b.;1.15 and 0.9;c.;1150.0 and 900.0;d.;87.0 and 111.1;8.);Economic periods of prosperity followed by recession are described as;a.;secular trends.;b. seasonal variations.;c.;cyclical variations.;d. erratic variations.;9);For an annual time series extending from 1993 through 2001, how many;years would be lost in a three year moving average?;a.;2 at the start and 1 at the end.;b. 1 at the start and 1 at the;end.;c.;2 at the start and 0 at the end.;d.;0 at the start and 2 at the end.;10);Product sales were 266 in 1993, 264 in 1994, 145 in 1995, 205 in 1996;139 in 1997, 98 in 1998, 94 in 1999, 94 in 2000, and 128 in 2001. The least;squares trend equation using the coded method is given as Y? = 265.12 ? 21.18t;where t is set equal to one for 1993. What are the predicted sales for 2003?;a. 32.14;b. 95.68;c. 21.18;d. 225


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