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Question;GraphsFor this assignment, you will copy and paste materials from SPSS output into a single Word document.Read the directions carefully to make sure that you submit the correct materials. All datasets can be found on the textbook companion website at under the file name Andy Fields Datasets.1. Boxplots: Use the dataset JiminyCricket.sav from the text website.a. Create a simple boxplot for Level of Success after Intervention and Strategy for Success.b. Copy the boxplot to a Word document and give it an appropriate title.2. Simple Bar Chart: Using the dataset ChickFlick.sav, create a simple bar chart for independent means that displays the error bars. Use the variables Arousal and Film. Copy and paste into your Worddocument, and give it an appropriate title.3. Clustered Bar Chart: Using the ChickFlick.sav dataset, create a clustered bar chart for independentmeans using the variables Arousal, Film, and the gender grouping variable. Include the error bars and X and Y axis labels.a. Copy and paste your chart into the Word document, giving it an appropriate title.4. Mixed Designs: Using the Text Messages.sav data, create a clustered bar chart for mixed designs withthe variables Baseline, 6 months, and Group. Include the error bars and labels for the X and Y axis.a. Copy your chart to the Word document with an appropriate title.5. Scatterplot: Create a simple scatterplot using the Exam.Anxiety.sav file that includes the regression lineusing the variables Exam Performance and Exam Anxiety.a. Copy your graph to the Word document with an appropriate title.6. Exploratory: Why is exploratory data analysis an important part of any analytical strategy?


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