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DSC 330 (Business Statistics Regression Analysis) Mid Term Problem




Question;(40 points) A simple linear regression model Y =?0 +?1 x +??? N (0,? 2) is used to study therelationship between Y (Load) and x (Temperature) in the Boston Electricity market in Winter. TheSimple Linear Regression output by SPSS is as follows.Model1RNAR Squared()Table 1: Model SummaryAdjusted R Square standard error of the estimateNA2Table 2: ANOVAModelSum of SquaresdfMean SquareFSig25NARegression()()()Residual()()()Total()31Table 3: Coe?cientsUnstandardized Coe?cientsModelBStd.Error(Constant)()()1betaNAtSig3100xStandardizedNA-5NA(a) (10 points) Fill in all missing values indicated by () and show you steps. (No steps no credits.)3


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