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STATS - The Western State Tourist Association Problem




Question;The Western State Tourist AssociationThis problem was taken from Groebner, D.F., Shannon, P.W., Fry, P.C., and Smith, K.D. (2011). BusinessStatistics: A Decision-Making Approach, 8th ed., NJ: Pearson Education, Inc., p. 688The Western State Tourist Association gives out pamphlets, maps, and other tourist-relatedinformation to people who call a toll-free number and request the information. The associationorders the packets of information from a document-printing company and likes to have enoughavailable to meet the immediate need without having too many sitting around taking up space.The marketing manager decided to develop a multiple regression model to be used in predictingthe number of calls that will be received in the coming week. A random sample of 12 weeks isselected, with the following variables:Y = Number of callsX1 = Number of advertisements placed the previous weekX2 = Number of calls received the previous weekX3 = Number of airline tour bookings into Western cities for the current weekDevelop the multiple regression model for predicting the number of calls received.


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