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Question;BBUS-215;INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS STATISTICS;TEAM;ASSIGNMENT #1;This;assignment is due by the start of class on Wednesday, October 29. It will account for 6% of your total grade in;this course.;This assignment is to be done with one other classmate (teams of;two students). Submit your;team?s work using the Blackboard Assignment link for this assignment. Only one;student needs to submit the assignment to Blackboard, but both students? names;must be on the assignment.;All work;should be done electronically, no handwritten and then scanned. Name your files;using the convention ?BBUS215 Team Assignment1 student_name1 student_name2.?;The short;report must be submitted as a Word document with the data graphics included in;the document. You must also submit your Excel file so that I can see the work;behind your graphics as well as any analysis you may have done.;Stan Marsh;wears several hats at South Park Lumber, including process improvement team;leader, shipping manager, and assistant human resource manager. South Park;Lumber makes cedar fencing materials, employing about 160 people.;Over 75% of;the cost of the finished cedar fence boards is in the cedar logs the company;buys on the open market. Therefore, it is very important that the company get;as much finished product as possible from each log. One of the most important;steps in the manufacturing process is referred to as the head rig. The head rig;is a large saw that breaks down the logs into slabs and cants. The figure below;shows the concept. From small logs with diameters of 12 inches or less, once;cant and four or fewer usable slabs are obtained. From larger logs, multiple;cants and fours slabs are obtained. Finished fence boards can be produced from;both the slabs and the cants.;At some;companies, the head rig cutting operation is automated and the cuts are made;based on a scanner system and computer algorithms. However, at South Park;Lumber, the head rig is operated manually by operators who must look at a log;as it arrives and determine how best to break the log down to get the most;finished product. In addition, the operators are responsible for making sure;that the cants are ?centered? so that the maximum product can be gained from;them.;Recently;Stan headed up a study in which he videotaped 362 logs being broken down by the;head rig. All three operators, April, Sid and Jim, were involved. Each log was;marked as to its true diameter. Then Stan observed the way the log was broken;down and the degree to which the cants were properly centered. He then;determined the projected value of the finished product from each log given the;way it was actually cut. In addition, he also determined what the value would;have been had the log been cut the optimal way. Data for this study is provided;in the file called ?South Park Lumber.?;You have;been asked to assist Stan by analyzing these data using graphs, charts, and;tables as appropriate. He wishes to focus on the lost profit to the company and;whether there are differences among the operators. Also, is there a difference;in the operators? performance? In general, he is hoping to learn as much as;possible from this study and needs your help with the analysis.;Construct;appropriate charts for analyzing the data, and generate a short, well-organized;and neatly presented written report including narrative that provides and;explains the graphs and charts along with conclusions reached from analyzing;the data.


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