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Question;GBA 334 Application;Assignment;7 Instructions;Application assignments require;solving problems from the textbook. Most of the problems require that you use;Excel OM. Some chapters will require you to use POM;OM for Windows or TreePlan. The;answers must be submitted to the Dropbox in a Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel;file.;You must state your answers within a;complete sentence so that your understanding of applying the results of the;computations can be observed. You should also include the work for your;computation, this will assist in applying partial credit if your answers are;not correct.;Do not submit OM for Windows files as;server security policies do not allow many of these files to be passed in the;system. If you need to show the OM work, either save as an Excel file (a;function within aM) or paste a screen capture of the OM Entry Screen before;solving AND the OM result screen(s).;NOTE: OM files should not be sent;through the online system. If using OM for your solution, run the file in OM;and then copy and paste the solution into a MS Excel file (within OM there is;an option tab at bottom of the screen to save as MS Excel.) If you cannot do;this, with the OM solution file open on your screen, select alt-print screen;and then paste the image into a MS Excel file.;If you need any assistance, please do;not hesitate to contact your instructor. He or she will be happy to assist.;For this module, you will complete;the following problems from the textbook;?;Chapter 10, page 488, Problem 40;using Excel OM;?;Chapter 11, pages 539-544, Problems;19, 37, and 41 using Excel OM;Submit Application Assignment 7 to;the Dropbox no later than Sunday 11:59 EST/EDT;of Module 7. Remember, the required;formats are Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.Q40Weinberger's problem using LPThe Weinberger Electronics;Corporation manufactures four highly technical products that it supplies to;aeorspace firms that hold NASA contracts. each of the products must pass;through the following departments before they are shipped: wiring, drilling;assembly, and inspection. The time requirement in hours for each unit;producted and its corresponding profit value are summarized int he following;table;Product: XJ201= Wiring: 0.5, Drilling: 0.3, Assembly: 0.2, Inspection: 0.5, Unit;Profit ($): 9;Product: XM897= Wiring: 1.5, Drilling: 1, Assembly: 4, Inspection: 1, Unit;Profit ($): 12;Product: TR29= Wiring: 1.5, Drilling: 2, Assembly: 1, Inspection: 0.5, Unit;Profit ($): 15;Product: BR788= Wiring: 1, Drilling: 3, Assembly: 2, Inspection: 0.5, Unit;Profit ($): 11.;The production available in each department each month, and the minimum monthly;production requirement to fulfill contracts, are as follows:Wiring: Capacity hours= 15,000;Drilling: Capacity hours= 17,000;Assembly: Capacity hours= 26,000 Inspection: Capacity hours= 12,000XJ201= Minimum Production Level =;150, XM897 = Minimum Production Level = 100, TR29= Minimum Production Level =;300, BR788= Minimum Production Level = 400.the production manager has the;responsibility of specifying production levels for each product for the coming;month. Help him by formulating (that is, setting up the constraints and;objective function) Weinberger's problem using LP.Q19An air conditioning manufacturer produces;room air conditioners at plants in Houston, Phoenix, and Memphis. These are;sent to regional distributors in Dallas, Atlanta, and Denver. The shipping;costs vary, and the company would like to find the least-cost way to meet the;demands at each of the distribution centers. Dallas needs to receive 800 air;conditioners per month, Atlanta needs 600, and Denver needs 200. Houston has;850 air conditioners available each month, Phoenix has 650, and Memphis has;300.;The shipping cost per unit from Houston to Dallas;is $8, to Atlanta is $12, and to Denver is $10. The cost per unit from Phoenix;to Dallas is $10, to Atlanta is $14, and to Denver is $9. The cost per unit;from Memphis to Dallas is $11, to Atlanta is $8, and to Denver is $12. How many;units should be shipped from each plant to each regional distribution center?;What is the total cost for this?Q37In a job shop operation, four jobs may be;performed on any of four machines.;The hours required for each job on each machine;are presented in a following table.;The plant supervior would like to assign jobs so;that total time is minimized.;Find the best solution. Formulate the appropriate;linear program and solve uisng Excel Solver. Show your work. (20 points);COSTS Machine 1 Machine 2 Machine 3 Machine 4;A12 10 14 16 13;A15 12 13 15 12;B2 9 12 12 11;B9 14 16 18 16Q47Roscoe Davis, chairman of a college's business department;has decided to apply the Hungarian method in assigning professors to courses;next semester. As a criterion for judging who should teach each course.;Professor Davis reviews the past two year's teaching evaluations (filled out by;students). Since each of the four professors taught each of the four courses at;one time or another during the 2 year period, Davis is able to record a course;rating for each instructor. Find best assignment of professors to courses to;maximize the overall teaching rating.;="msonormal">


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