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Weinberger's problem using LP




Question;The Weinberger Electronics Corporation manufactures four highly technical products that it supplies to aeorspace firms that hold NASA contracts. each of the products must pass through the following departments before they are shipped: wiring, drilling, assembly, and inspection. The time requirement in hours for each unit producted and its corresponding profit value are summarized int he following table:Product: XJ201= Wiring: 0.5, Drilling: 0.3, Assembly: 0.2, Inspection: 0.5, Unit Profit ($): 9Product: XM897= Wiring: 1.5, Drilling: 1, Assembly: 4, Inspection: 1, Unit Profit ($): 12Product: TR29= Wiring: 1.5, Drilling: 2, Assembly: 1, Inspection: 0.5, Unit Profit ($): 15Product: BR788= Wiring: 1, Drilling: 3, Assembly: 2, Inspection: 0.5, Unit Profit ($): 11.The production available in each department each month, and the minimum monthly production requirement to fulfill contracts, are as follows:Wiring: Capacity hours= 15,000 Drilling: Capacity hours= 17,000Assembly: Capacity hours= 26,000 Inspection: Capacity hours= 12,000XJ201= Minimum Production Level = 150, XM897 = Minimum Production Level = 100, TR29= Minimum Production Level = 300, BR788= Minimum Production Level = 400.the production manager has the responsibility of specifying production levels for each product for the coming month. Help him by formulating (that is, setting up the constraints and objective function) Weinberger's problem using LP.


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