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Question;CHOOSE THE;MOST APPROPRIATE RESPONSE -- EACH IS WORTH 2 POINTS;1. Two;events are said to be_____________if they cannot occur simultaneously.;A.;Equally likely C. independent;B.;Discrete D. mutually exclusive;2. A probability can only take on values;between 0 and I. A. True B. False;3.;is an arrangement of objects without regard;to order.;C. A combination;D. A multiplicative;A. N factorial;B. A permutation;4. The;expected value of a discrete random variable is also known as its;A.;Probability distribution C. variance;B.;Relative frequency D. mean;5.;Thirty percent of a certain adult population;have tried a special brand of coffee. A random sample of 5 is selected from the;population. The probability that none of the 5 will have tried the coffee is;equal to;A. 0.168 B. 0.300 C.;0.700 D. 0.832;6. In the standard normal distribution, since;the curve extends infinitely along the x-axis,the area under the curve is;infinite. A. True B.;False;7.;The mean, medianand mode of a normal distribution are all;equal. A. True B. False;8.;Any calculated z score that uses a point of;interest less than the mean will always have anegative value. A. True B. False;9.;The mean of every normal distribution is;equal to zero.A. True B. False;10.;Consider the graph of the standardized;normal distribution. The area to the right of the mean is positive. The area to;the left of the mean is negative. A. True B.;False;PROBLEM SOLVING.............SHOW ALL NECESSARY WORK SO AS PARTIAL CREDIT;MAY BE GIVEN. Each part of each problem is worth 3 points.;1.Use the following table to answer the;probability questions based on Socioeconomic;status and favorite "burger;place.;SocioeconomicStatus;Wendy's;Red Robin;TGIF;Upper Class;17;35;72;Middle Class;25;50;40;Lower Class;85;27;15;a);If selecting someone at random, what is the probability that they are;Upper or Lowerclass?;b) If selecting someone at random, what is the;probability that they are Upper Class or likeRed Robin best?;C) Ifselecting someone at random, what isthe probability that they are Middle Class;andthey like TGIF;best?;D) If;selecting someone at random, what is the probability that they like Burger King;best?;2.Find the number of arrangements given the situations;A)At Point Park University, the ID numbers;consist of 5 digits. Given that repetitions arepermitted, how many different ID numbers can;be assigned?;B)There are 9 girls vying for homecoming;court. Rather than an election, names are drawn randomly. If the first girl;selected becomes the queen, the second girl becomesthe princess, and the third girl selected;becomes the maid, how many ways are there ofselecting the homecoming court?;C)The student affairs office schedules 7;different movies, 5 different intramural activitiesand 6 different field trips. Ha student must;select 9 activities, how many differentarrangements would there be if a student must pick three from;each?;D);Using the information from (C), how many different arrangements would;there be ifthe student;can pick 4 movies, 2 intramural activities, and 3 field trips?;3. The following is a probability;distribution of the number of Televisions found in homesin the Pittsburgh area.;X P(X);0 0.05;1 0.12;2 0.25;3;4 0.13;5 0.15;A) Find the probability that a home has 3 Televisions in a home?;B);Construct a Probability Graph of the data;C) Calculate the mean;D);Calculate the variance;E);Calculate the;standard deviation;F);How would you;expect this distribution to change if the only houses that were includedin the survey had at least 4 bedrooms?;4. In a;certain population of executives, it is known that60%own a foreign-made car. If arandom sample of thirteen executives is selected from the population;find the probabilitythat;A);Between 3 and;8 own a foreign-made car.;B);At most 5 own a;foreign-made car.;C) At least 9 own a foreign-made car;D) That noneof them own a foreign-made car;E);What is the;expected number of executives that would own a foreign-made car?;F);What isthe variance and standard deviation?;6. If a car dealership knows that the mean;amount that people spend on a new car is$32,000 with;a standard deviation of $4,000, then what are the prices of cars thatshould be on the lot so that;A) The middle;60% of people will find a new car that is in their price range?;B) What is the price that the top 15% of the buyers are willing to pay?;5. The mean commute time to work has been calculated;to be 35 minutes with a standard deviation of 4 minutes. The commute times are;normally distributed. What is the probability that the mean commute time will;be;A) More than 35 and 43 minutes? B) Between 32;and 41 minutes?;C) Between 28 and 33 minutes? D) More than 45;minutes?;The 10% of people with the shortest commute;time, would take


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