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Question;Round all answers to at least 3 decimal places and assume, unless otherwise noted, that?=0.051. Can changing the environment cattle grow up in affect their growth? To answer this question, a scientist randomly assigned 15 young bulls to grow up in one of two environments.Eight bulls were raised in an open range, while seven were reared in a small pen. Below are the weights (in kg) of each bull at the age of three:Open Range8456039279117751,050812962Pen627708557629845489720Conduct the appropriate test to see if the weight of bulls raised in an open range differs from those raised in a pen. Show your work and include all steps for full credit.2. The respiratory exchange ratio, or RER, is the ratio of carbon dioxide produced to oxygen consumed and is an indication of whether energy used during exercise is being obtained from carbohydrates or from fats. In a study investigating the effect of caffeine on RER, nine male volunteers underwent arm exercise tests under two different conditions: after taking a placebo capsule and after taking a caffeine capsule. The order of the tests was randomized, and enough time passed between the two tests so that fatigue was not a factor. The results are given below:Subject123456789Placebo RER105119929796101949598Caffeine RER969989998895889888a. Run the appropriate test to see if the RER after taking the caffeine pill is lower than the RER after taking the placebo. Show your work and include all steps for full credit.b. Suppose that previous literature has shown that the distribution of RER differences between these two conditions is approximately normal. Using this assumption, analyze this data again using the appropriate test.


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